Personal finance becomes a compulsory part of high school

Personal finance becomes a compulsory part of high school

Now this fall, private economics will become part of both social science and mathematics at colleges around Sweden. The idea is to give young people knowledge not only of classic aspects of personal finance such as saving money or thinking financially, but also greater perspectives on economics in society and how politics and economics around the world affect each individual and the money in the wallet.


The EU has been interested in increasing people’s awareness and understanding of economics

The EU has been interested in increasing people

at a slightly higher level, which is now also being attempted in Sweden. The idea is that young people should gain a better understanding by including parts of personal finance under both social science and mathematics. You should learn not only the usual things that concern personal finances, but also how things affect each other on a larger level, for example how a banking crisis in the US can mean fewer jobs in Sweden.

At present, it becomes increasingly important to keep track of finances as more and more decisions are made on the individual and greater commitment is required in financial matters. The global economy and new financial opportunities and services mean that greater demands are placed on the individual, which also makes it increasingly important to have good knowledge and to know how to acquire these skills


Private Economics as a compulsory part of the education

personal finance

I think sounds like a very good initiative because economics is something that we all have to deal with everyday and it is also easy to get financial problems if you are not careful and have good control. By introducing this as part of upper secondary education, we can hopefully get young people who have better control of their own finances, but who also have a better understanding of how things work and how politics and economics can be influenced in a larger perspective.

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