10 Strongest Anime Characters Who Don’t Deserve To Be Strong

Animated is packed with powerful fighters with special powers and abilities that put them on top of or even beyond the physical abilities of normal humans. Some characters spend a good part of their life training to reach this level of strength, gain their power whether it’s to be good enough to beat an opponent or for another goal. Other anime characters are naturally strong.

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Some characters are born powerful, others are given power on a silver platter. Regardless of how it was acquired, some characters didn’t work for strength or earn like others, and while this power can be put to good use, the user doesn’t necessarily deserve it.

ten Shin Wolford is basically OP from the very beginning (grandson of the sage)

of the wise man small childby Shin Wolford begins his new life by being reborn as an orphaned baby after a car accident in his previous life. He is collected by the famous magician Merlin. As Shin grows, he learns magic from both his adoptive grandfather and the witch Melinda, mastering his vast magical power and enchantments at an early age and making him superpowered before. Wise Man’s Grandson even launches.

Shin’s natural power level and talent seem undeserved. To make matters worse, his knowledge of modernity also gives him the ability to play with the laws of reality.

9 Issei’s debauchery is somehow the source of his strength (High School DxD)

At first glance, Issei Hyoudou is a shameless member of the “evil trio”, whose thoughts never stray too far from this mindset. Below it is very nice. After being mortally wounded by a fallen angel, Issei is saved when he is turned into a devil by Rias Gremory and becomes his pawn.

Issei is even luckier once he receives his Sacred Gear. His Sacred Gear ends up being the perfect weapon for him as he uses strong desires to make him more powerful. His powers fuel his already renowned debauchery. Like high school dxd progresses, Issei becomes stronger and receives new powers. This is mainly due to his evil personality, making him unworthy of his strength.

8 Boruto starts the anime without a strong effort (Boruto)

While there was an argument to be made about Naruto’s abilities as a ninja remembering that he had the nine-tailed fox within him, he still had to work hard to hone those strengths to become Hokage. On the other hand, his son, Boruto, is effortlessly strong and talented.

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Boruto sees its main character as a child prodigy who grants him powerful techniques and abilities, as well as easily acquiring new, even stronger ones without having to do much to obtain them. Despite, he always decides to cheat in the Chunin Exam.

seven Despite his uniqueness, Ichika is kept afloat by stupid luck (Infinite Stratos)

Ichika Orimura, Infinite Stratos

In Infinite Stratos, IS units can only be piloted by women, however, Ichika Orimura ends up making history as the first male IS pilot. Despite these unique circumstances, Ichika is shown throughout both seasons of Infinite Stratos as being talentless, ignorant, and easily outclassed by his fellow students. Yet somehow, success just comes to him.

It’s unknown why Ichika can pilot an IS, but because of that, he was given a specialized IS, which gives him a power he doesn’t really understand. In other words, Ichika’s strength really isn’t his, but mostly bad luck.

6 Medaka, the infallible student council president (Medaka Box)

In most cases, perfection doesn’t exist, but Medaka Kurokami’s Medaka box seems to be the living antithesis of this idea. Medaka was born with abnormal abilities that made her highly intelligent and gave her superhuman physiology, maturing much faster than any human being.

Her ability, The End, basically made her good at anything effortlessly. His abilities even extend to learning and mastering other abnormal abilities. Simply put, Medaka was literally born perfect.

5 Touya was basically all over (in another world with my smartphone)

In another world with my smartphone

In another world with my smartphone begins with Touya Mochizuki being accidentally killed by God, who decides to rectify this by having him reborn in another world. He quickly discovers that his reincarnation has made him much stronger than before. If that wasn’t enough, he also ends up being adept at swordsmanship and marksmanship and can use all forms of magic.

The circumstances that led to his rebirth and newfound power could theoretically have happened to anyone, Touya was just in the right place at the right time and had his full strength afterwards.

4 Rimuru is broken even by Isekai standards (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

rimuru with raphael

Isekai heroes are used to being broken, but Rimuru is in a league of its own. Reborn into a new world as a slime, Rimuru begins This time I got reincarnated as a slime devouring things and gaining skills through the predator skill. After storing the dragon Veldora within him, Rimuru’s power skyrockets and continues to rise.

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In addition to being able to easily master skills, Rimuru can transform into anything he has consumed. Rimuru is resistant to almost all forms of damage, can bestow great power on anyone he wants, and can also revive the dead, and he makes it all so easy.

3 Kirito can master anything effortlessly (Sword Art Online)

happy kirito

In some games, practice makes perfect. But for Kirito to Sword Art Online, it seems that perfection can come without practice. Regardless of the game or digital space he finds himself in, Kirito tends to master his surroundings quite quickly and easily. He’s just naturally talented and overpowered.

Even without unique skills or experience of any kind, Kirito can already surpass even seasoned players, admins, and even death itself just by showing up. Considering he can sometimes heal faster than the damage he takes, Kirito may have just some of the thickest plot armor ever seen in anime.

2 Anos Voldigoad, a demon king whose power knows no bounds (The Misfit Of Demon King Academy)

Anos is unfazed during battle

Anos Voldigoad is an ancient demon king who allowed himself to be killed by the hero in order to bring peace, but even death could not hold him back and after two thousand years Anos was reincarnated. Although he is labeled as the misfit in the title The Misfit Of Demon King Academy, Anos continued to flex his power, rewriting the laws of magic, being able to pick up and throw a castle with ease, and even kill a Time God.

It’s clear that Anos hasn’t rusted in his time, but the immeasurable power he wields seems to have no origin, which could mean Anos has always been this strong all along.

1 Zeno is a kid who can destroy universes on a whim (Dragon Ball Super)

Zeno's bodyguards protecting Zeno

the dragonball the universe always seems to find ways to introduce stronger characters to its cast, but one of the strongest has to be the Omni-King himself, Zeno, from Dragon Ball Super. A being that even the Gods of Destruction fear, Zeno is all-powerful and can wipe entire universes from existence in the blink of an eye.

What’s even more terrifying is that despite all this power and status, Zeno behaves like a child, playing with realities like toys and caring little when lives are destroyed by his actions. Essentially, existence itself is ruled by a child who could wipe out the entire multiverse if he threw a big enough tantrum.

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