6 times Kiara Advani rocked the most OFFBEAT sunglasses

Fashion has to be fun and some of us take it too seriously. In this how-to-glam process all the time, we can’t guarantee much success and so if there is a failure, we take new lessons and try to fix it. Some find an easy and bouncy way to add more volume to a look, for example with an accessory. It’s not always a clear route to adding a rich dose of edge to a look, but it can work wonders when done right.

The question of the minute is, “how do you get this perfectly?” Not everyone can be successful and we end up with a slew of bundlers. It’s not today that we stumbled across Kiara Advani’s sunglasses list. It’s so eccentric, I wonder if shy people could ever zoom in on it and take style notes for good. His styling game is epic, versatile, and trendy. But, if only the sunglasses were as cool as her outfits.

Let’s start editing with what we saw this morning. The 29-year-old was pictured at the airport with Sidharth Malhotra, ready to embark on the jet set, wearing a hooded plaid dress. The fleece mini dress was assembled with oversized sunglasses in a dropped finish. It looked OTT as her outfit was too cute to be invisible.

You can spell sportswear better once you follow Kiara’s advice. Her beige joggers, orange cropped top, and frayed hem jacket are perfect, but her circular sunglasses with the bridge and gold front bar are just the ones we wouldn’t want to take. Oh, there are two dramatic details in black placed in between these. We love his Christian Dior tote, it’s so classy.

kiara adavni fashion2 quirky sunglasses

How to Elevate Your Airport Look 101. Wearing a gray knee-length bodycon dress with a mini back slit, she completed it with a red sequin denim jacket. Wonder why she chose the funky blue octagonal sunglasses, not only did they look oversized, but they looked extra in here. His sneakers had colors and his bag was a different shade. His accessories do not match each other.

kiara adavni fashion3 quirky sunglasses

Not quite like a monochrome outfit to make a statement. Kiara looked ready for the gym in a sleeveless crop top and leggings with sheer and white prints. These cat-woman shades with a marbled color finish look forced here, which means they don’t fit here and look too oversized. Brownie dots for the silver Givenchy tote and sequined sandals.

kiara adavni fashion4 quirky sunglasses

Kiara’s winter outfit is awesome but you can see the disappointment in these sunglasses. Not everyone wants a simple travel look, go big like the Laxmii star did with her camouflage print hoodie, black leggings and knee high boots. We don’t understand these sunglasses however.

kiara adavni fashion5 quirky sunglasses

White top and pink pants go together like candy and this adorable girl proved it to us. Oh, that bomber jacket looks like a bomb to travel with, but its pink sunglasses put us in a mess. What is this shape, someone tells us.

kiara adavni fashion6 quirky sunglasses

What look do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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