Amazon Echo Frames sunglasses review: $50 off new smart glasses deal

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Looking to (literally) up your eyewear game? Check out the latest Echo Frames sunglasses from Amazon.

Amazon just released two new versions of the 2nd Gen Echo frames, featuring polarized lenses with a classic mirror or dark blue tint. If you’re unfamiliar with Echo frames, they’re more than just a pair of sunglasses. Frames are essentially portable echo points for hands-free Alexa capabilities and open-ear audio on the go.

The new smart sunglasses are available to buy now on Amazon with a $50 discount to celebrate National Sunglasses Day (June 27). Regularly $269.99+, the sunglasses and headphones in one are on sale for just $219.

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Echo frames (2nd generation)

So what makes Echo Frames smart? Well, a little. They look a lot like normal stylish sunglasses except bulkier arms to accommodate their technology. On the side is a swipeable touch bar, near the ears are two focused micro-speakers, and under the right arm are volume controls and an action button.

Perhaps most importantly, there are two beamforming microphones that let you talk to Alexa and take phone calls. The shades are also IPX4 rated, ensuring water resistance against sweat and splashes.

Using the microphone, speakers, and Alexa capabilities, Echo Frames let you hear notifications like text messages, listen to all kinds of audio, interact with other smart home devices, and even more. Think of the Shades as headphones connected to Alexa – only under cover thanks to open-ear audio. If you need to change the volume or open a notification to be read by Alexa, the frames can be controlled by swiping a finger across the multi-function touch bar.

Admittedly, the Echo Frames had their issues (the sound isn’t as good as high-quality headphones and some find them bulky, for example). But we think polarized sunglasses options are a step up. Why? Because now you can use the smart glasses in situations where you might not want to use your phone or headphones: thinking, lounging at the beach, driving or hiking.

If you’re shopping for smart sunglasses, it’s also worth checking out other options. Bose has a few great options with high-quality sound, such as these rugged Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses and these stylish Bose Frames wayfarers.

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