ARNETTE revives its 90s Catfish sunglasses for SS22

It’s the 90s, baby! So grab your ARNETTE 30th Anniversary Catifsh Sunglasses and let’s party like it’s 1990…

Do you ever need an excuse to buy a new pair of sunglasses? Speaking from experience, I’m going to hazard a guess and go with no. Once upon a time maybe we saved buying frames for a beach vacation or a trip to the Alps to ski, but fashion dictates otherwise – these are all-day, everyday sunglasses. .

They are part of our uniforms; Sun glasses. From front row at the fashion shows to sneaking around town looking for a coffee, Balenciaga to Pret, they’re our shield (maybe even the sword) of the world – and if you’re anything like me, you’re in for it. have full.

If 2022 has taught me anything so far, it’s that 90s nostalgia will continue to dominate our lives; sure, the year 2000 is cool and all, but the 90s spawned some of the coolest (without trying) products we’ve ever seen; especially sunglasses.

There’s a reason Oakley dug into its ’90s archives and saw every release meet huge demand – these are products that worked.

ARNETTE is also ready to indulge in 90s cool as it celebrates its 30th anniversary with the reissue of a classic pair of sunglasses from the era. With open arms, he welcomes the Catfish back, but with a new lasting advantage.

The new Catfish Anniversary Edition is made entirely from lightweight bio-nylon and features a graffiti-inspired metallic color effect, celebrating the brand’s roots in skate culture. Each is rendered in combinations of silver and yellow, silver and green, blue, or matte black.

If you’re ready to update your collection (who isn’t?), you can head to ARNETTE to shop delivery now.

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