Best Ray-Ban sunglasses (2021): Aviator, Wayfarer and more

If you want to look cool in the sun, one brand has long ruled: Ray-Ban. But with so many offers, which frame to choose? We’re happy to say we’ve come to the rescue, putting together a list of the best Ray-Bans around.

Most famous for its iconic Wayfarer and Aviator lines, the company has been making stylish eyewear since the 1930s and is practically synonymous with great sunglasses – but the big question is: which are the best Ray-Ban for you?

There is a lot to discover beyond the big names – and we’ve got the scoop. Here is our pick of the best Ray-Ban to buy this summer and the best Ra-Ban Black Friday deals around.

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Best Ray-Ban

You can’t beat the original Wayfarer, can you? Cool effortlessly, they go with just about any outfit. This is an update to the classic, allowing you to mix and match various colorways to create your perfect pair.

The Red Havana frames with pinkish brown lenses are our favorites, but you can also go for a light blue color, a brown variant and a gray, so there is a lot to choose from.

A variation on an old classic, these Aviators have been relaunched in a wider color range and with flatter temples, meaning you can put on your prescription lenses if you need glasses.

The glasses are also available in eleven colors – you can choose from light blue, light brown, purple, brown, various greens and oranges, red, blue and yellow.

Like the Wayfarer, the Aviators are the cornerstone of Ray Ban’s offerings – and you can see why. They’ve looked cool since their launch decades ago, and they still look cool now.

Again, the range comes with several lens options – silver, purple, blue, and golden yellow. You would be hard pressed to choose.

Ray-Ban has been making fantastic sunglasses for years, but many models look functional rather than stylish – or at least in our opinion, they do. That’s why we love the latest style: State Street. These sunglasses have the same square frame that we’re used to seeing from Ray-Ban glasses, but they have a chunky, retro look that brings a bit of old-fashioned glamor to the functional Ray-Ban brand. This style is available in a range of colors including tortoise shell, black, and gray.

If you’re looking for cool ’70s style, you don’t need to look any further than the Square Evolve. It’s a remake of a current line created by the brand itself in the 1970s. Authentic stuff.

The oversized metal frames come equipped with a variety of lens choices – there’s the classic green lens and a number of other variations. They all look great, but we especially like the gold and orange combo.

Another look from the 70s, these oval sunglasses are perfect for a festival. Much like the Square Evolve, the Round Bridge sunglasses are based on an original design from the 1970s.

There are a number of combinations available, with all glasses featuring a matte finish and mirror look. Our favorite combo is the black top with yellow lens, but for true ’70s cool you might be better off with the gold and blue gradient option.

Well, let’s admit it: not everyone will like it. The heavy frame of the glasses gives a statement look, but they look great if you think you can take them off.

Available in seven colors, these are 100% on-trend eyewear – all you need is a little confidence.

A retro-looking pair, these oversized round frames look like they’ve been picked straight from the 1960s.

A more traditional turtle pattern has a more subtle look, but you can also choose from seven other colors if you want something a little more eye-catching. The pink design is particularly striking.


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