Best wrap-around sunglasses for men 2021: Oakley in Prada

As we enter the peak sunglasses season, it’s time to introduce your new shade companion: racing sunglasses. Known by many names – baseball goggles, shields, performance running goggles, ski sunglasses, or, as we like to call them here, wrap sunglasses – the shape is likely to dominate your Insta streams all summer long.

Humbly rooted in a sporting milieu, these sunglasses catapulted their way to fashion glory in 2019 when Prada and Balenciaga spearheaded style on the runway. As with most trends of recent years, inspiration comes from the ’90s – think Andre Agassi on the court. With popular culture cementing the futuristic vibe of sunglasses, the likes of Jaden Smith, FKA Twigs, and Pharrell Williams all offer more contemporary inspiration.

A general rule of thumb for wrap-around sunglasses is that they have a semi-circular frame shape that extends around your head to provide peripheral coverage. They are popular for running and cycling as they are considerably more comfortable than your standard Wayfarer, they don’t slip over your face and provide more comprehensive protection from the sun. If you are looking for practicality and style, brands like Oakley and District Vision offer the best of both worlds, while Korean eyewear giant Gentle Monster has all of our futuristic fashion fantasies coming up.

And while technically speaking this shape is best suited for those of us with angular faces, the trend has grown so much that there are styles to suit every jawline and cheekbone. That being said, you would do well to take advantage of online retailers‘ virtual trials or a home trial service to get a full idea of ​​how they will look.

Here, to streamline your search, we’ve selected ten wrap-around sunglasses to bring your eyewear into the 22nd century …

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