Collaboration with Who Decides War x DITA SUPERFLIGHT sunglasses, interview

From denim NFTs featuring RTFKT to patchwork Nike Air Force 1s, Who Decides War’s creative versatility spans everything from IRL to virtual realities. WDW’s collaboration is fully grounded in reality though, with its DITA sunglasses collection only further proving what we already knew – this brand can do it all.

Who Decides War x DITA draws from the luxury eyewear brand’s archives to bring back a popular classic, the SUPERFLIGHT sunglasses.

The Who Decides War x DITA SUPERFLIGHT sunglasses — which drop April 6 at DITA, SSENSE and The Webster for $500 to $550 each — preserve the model’s traditional flight-inspired look with an acetate front frame.

But the collaborative sunglasses also get a new hand paint job and new design cues like green marble and crackle, a taste of WDW’s tinting prowess.

The pair have worked together since the Who Decides War SS22 show but, in launching an official collaboration, these DITA sunglasses become another tangible facet of WDW’s ever-expanding creative multiverse, playing a small but significant role in the adoption of the broader vision of the brand.

Who Decides War creative director Ev Bravado and creative partner Tela D’Amore broke it all down for us.

What was it like working with DITA?

Tela: It was very easy and fun. We have a long-standing relationship with the brand, both inside and outside the office. We absolutely loved seeing how they moved and operated and created this little world, and we also have our own little world.

So, it was very natural for us to come together and create something that we were a bit lacking in each other’s fields. Filling the coins was very easy.

Can you explain the inspiration behind the color choices and design details?

So crackle was kind of like an ode to that good crackle nail polish. Everyone’s had that phase, and we wanted to tap into a bit of nostalgia while creating something totally new.

Like an ode to something a little alternative and nostalgic, but which just comes back to talk about the identities of the two brands.

So we wanted to use a plastic frame that they had already created and that we both liked, it’s their very own DITA aviator style. And we decided to use that one and give it as the very practical Who Decides War remix.

How does the DITA collaboration fit into the Who Decides War SS22 collection?

I think that translates into bringing the collection to a close, giving personality to some of the pieces that have been sent to the catwalk.

It’s one thing to create great highs and lows and all the cut and sew we normally do, but it’s another when you can think a little more about presentation and what you really want to say.

Was the DITA collaboration ad hoc?

We are definitely open to it. We really like DITA and the way they put things together. I think they just understand what it’s like to be young creatives coming into a space, wanting to create what you want to create and not being so limited. I think they’re doing a really good job of figuring that out, and allowing us to do that, which is why it’s translated so well for everyone.

It was really an open flow of communication during the creative process.

I would love to work with them again. I’m sure Ev wants to work with them again. We continue to promote what we’ve done, which is being able to do things in a different context and still being able to exercise our whole creative process with a product.

After the DITA collaboration, what’s next for Who Decides War?

Ev: More women’s clothing is the most important thing we are focusing on now. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to enter the women’s fashion market and stay true to our brand DNA by offering iconic pieces to this market.

Even though a lot of our clothes are unisex, we want to do more high fashion and thoughtful intricate pieces.

Tela: I was also going to say woman too. Tapping into women’s clothing silhouettes is going to be so much fun, so that’s next. This is where we are trying to go.

Ev: And the music too!

Tela: Ah yes, the music!

What I can say is that there is a global global creation that we are going to launch. Together, our end goal has always been to become a creator [space].

Clothing is the medium for now, but then we have a few items that will be more focused on helping with creation and helping others see their visions.

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