Excellent replacement lenses for designer sunglasses

Ray-Bans are basically the entry level drugs to designer sunglasses. It seems like everyone owns a pair, because most frames, like the classic Wayfarer, are a stylish way to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays and let everyone know you’ve spent over $5. for these.

Right after graduating from college, I exaggerated the “I have a job and I’m buying nicer sunglasses” and might have bought a few too many Ray-Bans. Being the idiot that I am, every time I scratched the lenses, I just bought another pair (on sale of course), rinsed and repeated. But not more!

I’m tired of setting fire to my money. I’m moving soon and I’m sorting through all my stuff (donation, sale and throwing). The old me would have thrown away this pair of Ray-Bans with the scratched lens – the scratch is big, deep and right in the middle, making it really hard to see through. Not to mention, it looks terrible. After about 10 seconds of googling, I found Fuse Lenses, an online site that sells replacement lenses for just about every version of Ray-Ban imaginable.

I researched my model, RB4259 (make sure you got the right size, 51mm in my case) and $29.75 (thanks to a $4.49 discount over New Years) and six days later , the replacement lenses have arrived.

I can’t say enough good things about my new Ray-Ban lenses. Fusible lenses are easily going to be one of the best things I buy this year.

I’ll be honest, considering the price, I didn’t expect high quality lenses. I certainly didn’t expect the lenses to come in a small hard case with a drawstring bag to store your newly restored sunglasses. And I absolutely didn’t expect the lenses to come with a “one-year warranty, one-time replacement warranty”. As well, this: “FSA/HSA and installment payment options available. Damn this is a good deal and I wish I had known that when I placed my order. I promise you that some cheap replacement lenses you find on eBay or AliExpress will not include the plug.

Everything you get with your Fuse Lenses replacement lenses. The sunglasses are yours of course.Raymond Wong / Entrance

With a little pressure, I pulled out my scratched left lens and inserted the new one from Fuse Lenses. It’s a perfect fit and as far as I can tell it looks identical (make sure you get the right shade, though). And don’t worry, Fuse Lenses come in different types: polarized + anti-reflective, polarized, and non-polarized. I only needed to replace the scratched lens; I decided to keep the one on the right with the Ray-Ban logo.

I should mention the disclaimer at the bottom of the Fuse Lenses website:

Fuse Lenses is not associated with any other brand. All replacement lenses are custom made by Fuse Lenses and will not contain any logos or markings associated with any other brand. The brands listed do not endorse, sponsor, support or associate with Fuse Lenses.

Basically these lenses are not OEM. On genuine Ray-Ban lenses, there is an “RB” on the inside of the left lens. For obvious reasons, there is no “RB” on the Fuses lens replacement and there is no “Ray-Ban” on the outside of the right lens.

Also according to Fuse Lenses:

Fuse Lenses manufactures its own line of polycarbonate replacement lenses for maximum optical clarity, impact resistance and tensile strength.

If non-OEM lenses bother you, look elsewhere for replacement lenses. I can already see a deepening hairline on the right lens and I think I will replace it with one from Fuse Lenses at some point.

If you do a search, you’ll find disgruntled customers saying the lenses don’t fit. I can only speak from my own overwhelmingly positive experience; maybe they bought the wrong size. Fuse Lenses has a 60 day warranty.

A few other things. Fuse Lenses sells replacement lenses for 76 brands, from Christian Dior to Tom Ford to Louis Vuitton. You can also get the lenses with prescriptions according to the site’s FAQ. And get this: If your sunglasses aren’t listed, you can ship your frames (for $20 in the US) and they’ll make new lenses and install them for you. It’s a commitment to providing service for people!

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