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Summer is the season of sun and outdoor activities. And what better companion than a pair of sunglasses? You might have a pair of convenience stores on your shelf, but if you’re looking to elevate your eyewear, The Connector is here to help merge function with fashion.


You can consider going to the beach, swimming in the lake or hitting icy ski slopes. Besides being fun vacation spots, these places have two things in common: reflective surfaces and prolonged exposure to the sun. Sometimes the funniest places can have dangerous effects if you’re not careful.

You may be thinking, “I use sunscreen to protect my skin!” But did you know that your eyes can also get sunburned?

The medical term is photokeratitis, which occurs when ultraviolet (UV) rays damage our vision. It causes redness, sensitivity to light, impaired vision and pain.

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In the visible spectrum, blue light (short wavelength) is often harder on our eyes than yellow light (long wavelength).

Quality lenses are designed to prevent your eyes from irritating these rays. So it’s best to buy sunglasses from a specialized eye care store like Target Optical, Lenscrafters, Visionworks or Sunglass Hut. These retailers carry remarkable brands that know how to protect you.

Harrison Steppe is an advertising and branding student who worked for Sunglass Hut. Wearing his signature Burberry glasses, he comments:

“The best way to buy sunglasses is to try them on in a store. Relying on resale sites or bargain markets puts you at risk of being scammed or receiving a defective product. In my store, we cleaned everything and made sure there were no scratches. I’ve seen people come in with 20 year old glasses because of their investment.


There are basically two types of lens technology: polarized and non-polarized. Both will protect your eyes, but they have unique benefits.


Polarized lenses enhance color vibrancy while reducing glare from roads or bodies of water. However, they are not optimal for viewing electronic screens.

Non-polarized lenses have a color filter and desaturate your vision. They are usually cheaper too.

How can you tell the difference? It takes a trained eye to separate them in retail store lighting, but there is often a “P” on the shopping tag or on the lens itself.

Most sunglasses lenses are made of glass or some type of plastic.

Glass lenses are scratch resistant and pair best with metal frames. They will feel more familiar with people who wear glasses because glass is heavier than plastic. The downside is that they will break if dropped.

Plastic or polycarbonate lenses are more durable and suitable for a tough lifestyle. These lenses pop out of their frame instead of shattering on impact. They are popular with athletes, cyclists and construction workers. But unlike glass, plastic is prone to scratches.

Even lens color matters when choosing a pair of sunglasses!

Graphic courtesy of Jackson Williams.


Style is probably the first thing you’ll consider when shopping for sunglasses, so how do you find a pair that complements your features and aesthetic?

It’s usually best to find frames that are different in shape from your face shape. Opposites create a sense of harmony and balance.

  • Round faces look great in square or cat-eye frames.
  • Oval faces cradle a pair of aviators or rectangles.
  • Square faces with strong jaws are perfect for circular and hexagonal frames.

Now that you know how to buy sunglasses, take advantage of this brand guide to find your perfect pair.

Classy and practical

These brands are classic, but offer enough functionality for everyday life.

Athletics and outdoors

The following brands are perfect for the harsh conditions of the great outdoors.

Haute couture

For the fashionistas, protect your eyes while remaining chic.

For women

Want a soft and feminine frame? These brands have you covered.

Child’s play

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you should be short on eye protection.

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