Here are the best and most stylish sunglasses to fit all face shapes

Handbags, sandals, anklets, all are back on the cards, but the most important piece of the puzzle is sunglasses. With the weather on our side (let’s hope it lasts), we do everything need a pair of shades for practicality. But even if the predicted rain does occur, everyone needs awesome sunglasses that they know they can get out of when they need them.

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Sunglasses aren’t the easiest things to buy as it all depends on your face shape (are you round, oval, heart, square?) This means a lot of us stay in the comfort of our sunglasses, and while that’s good, summer 2021 demands a sense of daring, doesn’t it? It’s not an old re-emergence – like the feeling of taking off your opaque tights in early spring – it’s THE recurrence.

What are the best designer sunglasses?

Sunglasses are still a great entry point accessory for designer brands. And the biggest collaboration of this summer has just fallen thanks to More joy, Christopher Kane’s sold-out capsule that sells everything from fans and vibrators to t-shirts (Harry Styles is a mega-fan) and Le Specs. Available from today, the unisex collection offers three styles of sunglasses, which more Joy followers will recognize immediately, characteristic shades of red, white and black.

Continue Joy x Le Specs Special Edition II red, £ 86.28

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Plus Joy x Le Specs, Sex Edition II White, £ 86.28

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More Joy x Le Specs, More Joy Edition II Black, £ 86.28

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Continue Joy x Le Specs Special Edition II red, £ 86.28

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Plus Joy x Le Specs, Sex Edition II White, £ 86.28

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More Joy x Le Specs, More Joy Edition II Black, £ 86.28

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Dior sunglasses are also still popular with the A list, and they have an impressive range of shield style sunglasses and thicker frames from SS21, just like classic frames from Ray ban (Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Richie and Olivia Wilde are all repeat carriers). by Gucci sunglasses are also notable for their head-turning qualities – Rihanna just wore one of her neon frames – while Prada’s are (or at least were) a mainstay of the fashion week’s front rows.

What are the biggest sunglasses trends for 2021?

Aviator sunglasses and cat-eye sunglasses both seem to be the most popular based on our Instagram research. They are also both timeless. Aviators have the ability to look both retro and surprisingly futuristic – Joseph D-Frame Pair is the most stylish we’ve found – while the cat’s eye has a pleasantly vintage feel that goes well with the floral tea dresses and ruffle blouses of the cottagecore movement.

The aviator

A classic, with a fan club that includes Ashley Graham and Angelina Jolie, the aviator always goes the distance.

Finlay, Wentworth Aviators, £ 150

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Finlay, Wentworth Aviators, £ 150

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Irina Shayk et al’s benchmark is the small oval (and slightly squashed); excellent multitasking that works just as well outside of working hours as it does with second-hand clothes.

Pull and Bear, Oval Cream Sunglasses, £ 11.99

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Pull and Bear, Oval Cream Sunglasses, £ 11.99

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The tint

Colored lenses, as well as frames in playful hues, have their moment in the sun.

Le Specs, oh damn!  rectangular sunglasses, £ 60

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Le Specs, oh damn! rectangular sunglasses, £ 60

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Cat’s eye

Audrey Hepburn’s favorite sunglasses have an everlasting appeal, especially when revisited in 2021 with half-moon or triangular lenses.

Bershka, Cateye sunglasses, £ 11.99

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Bershka, Cateye sunglasses, £ 11.99

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It is all well and good, I hear you say, but where to start ?! To help you find your ultimate sunglasses style, here are our fashion team’s favorite pairs that are proven in the field.

Céline, Square tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses, £ 290

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Laura Antonia Jordan, Fashion News and Reporting Director: “The bigger the better for me. I love oversized frames and tinted lenses, and I wear this style a few times (even sometimes indoors, at home, alone – don’t judge me). ‘

Vans, bombshell sunglasses, £ 16

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Lillian Sesiguzel, Social Media and Video Producer: “I hate sunglasses so big they rest on my cheeks. This style is great for me because they are rectangular.

Hot Futures, Cosmic Rebel, £ 95

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Fashion News & Articles Editor Natalie Hammond: “I’m all over the place when it comes to sunglasses, with big pairs and small ones, but my favorites are from Hot Futures. I love slender curves and I think, or at least hope, that they work on my oval face.

For the love of art, Odyssey sunglasses, £ 183

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Molly Haylor, Style Director: “I have a very round face so I find the more oversized shapes with a lift on the sides really help me. I also have a new love for yellow hues. ‘

Valentino, Oval acetate frame with V-Logo signature, £ 260

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Fashion news and articles editor Natalie Hammond: “Not for the faint hearted, although they are also in black, but I think everyone should have at least a pair of sunglasses in the dark. bright colors in its arsenal of glasses. ”

Le Specs, Rapture sunglasses, £ 43

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Remy Farrell, Fashion and Beauty Assistant: “I bought this pair exactly twice now! I have an oval face and find that many glasses are too small to balance my features. This style is not only timeless, so works year after year, but the cat’s eye almost contoured contours creating angles and highlighting the cheekbones. ‘

Nanushka, Monsino Square Frame Oversized Sunglasses, £ 295

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Laura Antonia Jordan, Fashion News and Reporting Director: “I love Nanushka’s clothes and I’m delighted that they have just developed into eyewear. Drop me off for this style of mask.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Gold Frank Square-Frame, £ 140

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Charlotte Pavitt, Acting Editor: “Being blessed with a round face and square jaw (ahem), I have to avoid oversized round shapes for fear of looking like an insect. I have worn the Ray-Ban Frank sunglasses for years because they have a slightly rounded bottom which is softer than a square or rectangular shape, better suited to longer oblong faces, smaller size and thin frame do not dominate my features. ‘

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