How to get rid of scratches on sunglasses without spending a dime

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Summer is a great time to pull out the vacation wardrobe (remember that?), Spruce up your ankles with a pair of Chloe canvas sliders, and dig through your handboxes to find your favorite pair of sunglasses. .

Unfortunately, great ideas of having a well-preserved summer wardrobe from years gone by never seem to correspond to reality, especially when you realize your favorite sandals have scuffed heels covered in dust, your white top has since taken hold. a dark gray tint, and your beloved sunglasses are covered in tiny little stripes.

We don’t know about you, but we think we’ve never been able to keep a pair of sunglasses longer than a summer, it’s our habit to stuff them in our handbags in a hurry and leave them fall into the park.

Investing in a pair of designer sunglasses has long been a dream. So far, that is.

how to get rid of scratches from sunglasses

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According to Toby Attridge, head of product development at sunglasses brand Taylor Morris, we are not alone in our struggle to protect our sunglasses as he cites poor storage as the main factor behind scratched lenses.

“Far too many people just leave sunglasses hanging around in their bag or pocket and then get shocked when beaten,” he said. ELLE United Kingdom. To avoid scratches, he suggests, “Keep them on your face or in a case. “

While protection is the first port of call, what do you do if your favorite clairvoyance covers already have scratches on them?

Well, according to Specification savers There are a few dos and don’ts you should be aware of, especially if you are wondering how to remove scratches from sunglasses on your own.

how to get rid of scratches from sunglasses

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Unlike several YouTube videos that advise users to apply toothpaste (given its microabrasive properties) to gently polish shallow scratches on sunglasses, the optical chain warns there may be have drawbacks to DIY.

“You may end up damaging your lenses more in the process,” says Specsavers on its website. “The abrasive chemicals in toothpaste can scratch the surface of eyeglass lenses and can cause more damage by eroding specialized lens treatments, UV protection or sun tint. ”

Likewise, the company cautions wearers not to use baking soda because it can “actually warp your lenses and erode important lens treatments.”

“While home remedies may seem like quick fixes to a relatively small lens scratch, you actually run the risk of causing permanent damage to your lenses in the long run. It is therefore preferable to go to your optician to have them checked by a professional, ”he adds.

It may not be possible to permanently fix a scratch on a lens, given that it is permanent damage, but you can use lens cleaning sprays – just like an optician would – to find out if there is. is a scratch or something stuck on the lens surface.

When in doubt about how to remove scratches from sunglasses, Specsavers and Taylor Morris advise sunglasses wearers to visit their local optician to learn more about how to care for their eyewear accessory. been and receive adjustments to ensure they are properly adjusted.

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