Kids need glasses? We’ve got 13 best kids’ glasses + expert tips on how to get the best fit

If you’re looking for the best kids glasses, you’ve come to the right place. Homeschooling, at least part of the week, is now the norm for many families, which means more screen time. We’ve all felt extra strain on our eyes (and our grocery budget) in recent years, but kids, and even toddlers, are especially susceptible. As parents, we often don’t think our kids need glasses until they’ve needed them for a while. Fortunately, they look as cute as a bright-eyed Disney character when wearing colorful frames.

So we’re here to share a friendly reminder to be proactive with your child’s vision health and show you the best eyewear brands, styles and frames for kids and toddlers, including some virtually unbreakable choices. And while you’re at it, maybe you should pick up a pair too.

What you need to know before buying children’s glasses:

But first, a few words from the pros. Galo Andrade, New York-based Director of Optical Services at Stahl Eye Care Experts told us, “It is very important to have an in-person exam with a pediatric ophthalmologist or pediatric optometrist. They can check not just the vision, but everything behind the eye to make sure eye health is where it should be. Children need a regular eye exam once a year because vision can change quickly as they get older.

Ophthalmologists can draw attention to various health problems that even the most diligent parents could not detect. Andrade says “the sooner the better when it comes to recognizing vision problems. It is not uncommon for a very myopic child to become introverted, as their world consists of all near things (like computers, iPads, etc.), and they avoid distant things like playing with friends and doing Sport. A simple eye exam does no harm and can greatly affect their lives as young adults.

Where to buy children’s glasses?

Fun fact: buying kids’ glasses online is still the easiest way to shop and can be less intimidating than going to a fancy neighborhood optical store, but keep in mind that kids can’t wear adult glasses. Most children’s frames are much narrower and have shorter arms to reach the right place behind the ear.

Another thing that is equally important is getting the right PD or pupillary distance, something best measured in person. Andrade says, “When a PD is turned off, either vertically or horizontally, it can cause unnecessary eye strain. If you buy children’s frames online, you can take them to your local optics to be checked, for a fee, to make sure everything is as it should be. Having this check done in person, while the kids are wearing the frames, can determine if you have exactly what you need. If not, they can recommend the fix you need from the online company.

How do you know you’re getting the right pair?

Despite our best efforts, we moms don’t necessarily know exactly what to look for online. If buying glasses in person isn’t an option right now, you can buy frames from major retailer websites (like Amazon) and then bring the frames to your local store for custom lenses.

With so many choices, what do we choose? And more specifically, how on earth do we get them to wear them once we find the right fit? “Involving LOs in the buying process, whether online or in person, is the best bet,” notes Andrade after years of experience with children, “Make glasses fun for your kids! Let them choose the frame to make them more excited/prone to wear their glasses. Let them choose a fun color or print. Kids also love the glasses that come with a colorful case and even a fun glasses cloth (for the It’s the little things that make kids wear glasses. Remind them it’s cool to wear glasses, even Superman wears them!

“Kids’ frames don’t have to be expensive to do the trick. It’s the quality of the lens that is most important,” Andrade reminds us. After all, we want them to see as best they can (and learn and read)! Discover the best sites to buy frames and glasses for children. Our kids will be happy with their fun eyewear choices, while we’ll feel good about being proactive in helping correct their vision needs.

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