Kim Kardashian once stole a pair of Dior sunglasses. She recounts the “funny” incident

Kim Kardashian shared this image. (Image courtesy: kimkarashian)

Strong points

  • Kim Kardashian runs an eyewear brand
  • Kim stole a pair of sunglasses from a Dior boutique in Hawaii
  • “I have them so far,” Kim Kardashian said.

New Delhi:

TV personality Kim Kardashian, who also runs an international eyewear brand in collaboration with Carolina Lemke, has previously stolen a pair of Dior sunglasses. Yes, you read that right! The 38-year-old actress, in an interview with commotion, recalled the getaway, during which she and her sister Khloe Kardashian stumbled across a pair of gold-rimmed Dior sunglasses that they immediately saw. During the interview, Kim revealed it was while on vacation in Hawaii, when she and Khloe were teenagers. “We were in Hawaii and there was this Christian Dior store and nobody was working there. Like, it was in nature… Just an empty store. Khloé really wanted the Dior sunglasses, so we took them. and we went out, ”Bustle quoted Kim Kardashian.

Interestingly, the keeping up with the Kardashians star still owns the pair. During the interview, Kim described the intricacies of the sunglasses design and told Bustle, “These sunglasses were everything. I still have them to this day and they were so much fun. So cute.” She called the incident “funny” and added: “. know what the story was, but it was really funny. “

Kim Kardashian became a household name after appearing in the reality TV series keeping up with the Kardashians. The former socialite has featured in films like Disaster movie, Temptation: Confessions of a marriage counselor, At the bottom of the valley and 8 from the ocean. She also appeared as a celebrity contestant on the dance reality show Dancing with the stars.

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