Kim Kardashian West’s Carolina Lemke Sunglasses Collection Was Designed With Her Sisters In Mind

Kim Kardashian West remembers the first pair of sunglasses she was completely obsessed with when she was a teenager. They were rimless and by Christian Dior, and she and her sister Khloe Kardashian wanted them so badly they fundamentally stole them. Fundamentally.

“We were in Hawaii and there was this Christian Dior store and nobody [was working] the. Like, it was [in] nature…just an empty store. Khloe really wanted the Dior sunglasses, so she took them and we walked out,” Kardashian West tells me, laughing as she remembers the details. “Those sunglasses were everything. I still have them to this day and they were so much fun. So cute. It was so funny. We were like ‘this is wild.’ I think the [employee] had to go to the bathroom or be alone in the back on a Sunday. I don’t know what the story was, but it was really funny.”

Gone are the days of Kardashian West having to steal her dream pair of sunglasses (like, a long time ago). These days, she designs them herself. On April 2, Kardashian West and German brand Carolina Lemke launched a fierce, fashion-forward collection of sunglasses that the makeup mogul-turned-fashion designer conceptualized from start to finish. The first version is available now, with more to follow soon.

Although Kardashian West admits she already has “so many glasses,” she often craves a specific new style that might not be available in stores. This collaboration allowed him to turn these sunglasses fantasies into reality. “It’s nice to have a company that will really listen to your direction, really want to collaborate, and have me design everything from start to finish,” Kardashian West said of the process, which she also calls ” really funny”.

To celebrate the launch, she invited a group of fashion influencers, the press and arguably her biggest supporters and fans, mother Kris Jenner and daughter North West, to the chic Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. Kardashian West and I chat in the sunny garden lobby, which opens into a room where all of her sunglasses are on display. There are seven different styles in a variety of colors, ranging from narrow ’90s-inspired frames to oversized reflective silhouettes. Three mannequin heads are located at the front of the room as an art installation, each of them sporting side extensions and a pair of specs. They look a lot like the Kim K models that featured in the collection’s ad campaign, as well as the somewhat odd press box she sent out this week that was filled with masks of her face. I ask her if it was scary to see her resemblance in all of this.

“It was,” she confirms, saying she was about to post a photo of about 100 masks arranged together. “Seeing this has been such a journey,” she says. Unsurprisingly, this idea for hundreds of replicas of Kim’s face came from her husband, Kanye West.

“We wanted to do the whole clone theme. [West] likes to help with ad campaigns and stuff, overseeing like clones and longer hair. He was so keen on having long hair on one side only. and I was like, okay, I’ve never seen this before,she explains.

To create the replicas, Kardashian West says they had to digitally scan her entire body and face (not the first time she’s had to have her physique replicated – remember her perfume bottle which had the body shape?).

Sara Tan

“At first we made the dummies, then we kind of wanted animated images… so we also made face masks. As soon as I saw them, I said, this is our press box. Like , it just clicked. I was like, this is what it must be. I’ve never seen anything like it. I thought it was cute,” she smiles, recalling the moment.

Kris Jenner Is Totally OK With Her Daughter’s Decision To Make All These Masks, even though “cute” wasn’t the first word that came to mind. Before I sit down with Kardashian West, I ask Jenner about her recent Instagram post celebrating the launch. In the photo, Jenner, makeup artist Etienne Ortega and hairstylist Jorge Serrano all posed wearing the Kim K masks and sunglasses. Jenner says it “scared the shit out of [her]when she opened the press box to see her daughter’s faces staring at her, but also thought it was really, really cool.

At lunch, Jenner wore her daughter’s favorite pair of sunglasses called Dusk, paired with a striped suit and Chanel sneakers. “[Dusk is] like my daily life [style]. I can wear it anytime,” Kardashian West tells me. It also happens to be the design she chose for her mom. Of course, she also designed the other styles with sisters Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in Mind Kardashian West is quick to say which frame was made for which sister.

“I did the rounds [Indra] with Kourtney in the lead, Kendall with the little [Dusk] in mind. Khloe, the big visor [Nirvana]. Khloe likes aviators but we don’t have aviators in the collection so I would choose a visor [style]. Kylie, I would choose as the sportswoman [Sahara]. And then for me, I would choose [mirrored Tempest]”, she says. The Tempest, reports Kardashian West, is also North’s favorite, especially the silver version.

As she finishes answering my questions, Kardashian West spots her budding fashionista daughter bouncing around in the backyard. North West just arrived at the event wearing a hot pink two-piece set. I tell her I think North’s style is amazing and I can’t get enough of her outfits, imagining the all black ensemble she recently wore to her dad’s Sunday service as I give her the compliment. “It’s so much fun,” Kardashian West replies, the huge proud smile returning to her face.

Kardashian West then rises from her seat to greet North, walking towards the room in sunglasses and floating model heads, her side-swept hair blending seamlessly into theirs.

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