Kylie Jenner’s Dior Rose Gold Sunglasses Are Expensive, But These 7 Alternatives Are Not

There’s an old adage that remains true to this day: True love is only true until it’s posted on Instagram. And that totally explains Kylie Jenner’s Dior So Real rose gold aviator sunglasses that she can’t get enough of posting on social media. There’s no doubt that Jenner and her older sisters have a knack for fashion and style, but when it comes to accessories, she seems to have a special knack for picking out the coolest and trendiest pieces. And these amazing sunglasses totally prove it.

Dior “Dior So Real” sunglasses, $ 620, Barney

With two Instagram photos posted right after another on the same day, it’s obvious that Kylie is a fan of her rose gold flecks. Who would not be ? The classic aviator frame not only pays homage to history of sunglasses, but the rose gold tone updates the look, giving it a luxurious effect. Plus, reflective glass is so trending on sunglasses right now, and if Jenner jumps on a trend, you know it’s lingering for a while.

She paired her sunglasses with similar gold finishes on both her watch and her shoes, accessorizing an otherwise basic outfit of denim cuts and a white tank top. Although its look is both casual and chic, these sunglasses would also look cool with a formal outfit. Or even professional clothes. Or a ball gown. Or, really anything.

It’s the perfect accessory for a sunny day … a cloudy day … to wear indoors … OK, I’ll stop there.

But seriously, even though I’m picky about the additions I add to my outfits, I absolutely love these sunglasses. It’s no surprise that these sunglasses she adores are Dior and come at a hefty price tag. Not only are they a Kylie favorite, but Dior So Real sunglasses are also a blogger favorite (Aimee Song, Kristina Bazan), a celebrity favorite (Rihanna, Rosie Huntington Whitely) and a fashion editor favorite (Anna Dello Russo).

Dior “Dior So Real” sunglasses, $ 620, BarneyFortunately, there are other retailers. So if Barneys and Dior don’t fit your budget, here are seven wallet-friendly options for a similar look. At least you know they’re Kylie approved!

Classic aviator sunglasses, $ 14, Urban outfitters

AEO Aqua Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, $ 16, AEO

Aviator mirror, $ 170, Ray ban

Warehouse Revo Aviator Sunglasses, $ 6, Asos

Le Specs 60mm ‘Drop Top’ Aviator Sunglasses, $ 79, Nordstrom

Andria aviator sunglasses, $ 5, BCBGeneration

Fly By Night Gold & Pink Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, $ 13, Lulus

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