Michael Tolmach – Disrupting the Sunglasses Industry with His Purpyle Brand

Purpyle is a popular brand exclusively for polarized sunglasses with bamboo wood handles. Michael’s motive behind creating this brand was to bring about a revolution in the polarized sunglasses industry; by offering stylish designer eyewear at incredible prices. When asked about Purpyle’s next goal, Michael said they aspire to establish themselves as a trendy social media brand that offers a full collection of stunning styles at just under $ 50. Since the main focus of the brand is customer satisfaction, the brand promises comfortable and fashionable pairs of sunglasses without spending hundreds of dollars. There is no shortcut to success. The road to success can be strewn with obstacles, but it is not impossible. Dreams become your reality if you have an unsettling desire to never give up. True to this belief, we present to you Michael Tolmach – an American businessman of immigrant background who is fluent in Russian and English respectively. He is a willful person and works beyond his potential to achieve what he wants. Residing in the West Hollywood Hills, Michael is successfully tackling and disrupting the sunglasses industry with the self-established brand, Purpyle.

Sharing Michael’s mixed experience in the business world, he co-founded a popular vaping brand in 2011 and has generated over $ 150 million in revenue in the nicotine vape industry. Michael says he has consistently failed in various industries like hoverboards, jewelry, leather handbags, etc. In the process, they must have lost millions of dollars. Having experienced failures, Michael is proud to admit that he has learned a lot from those failures. Born in Ukraine during the fall of the Soviet Union, Michael talks about his favorite life lesson – a famous quote from Albert Einstein “Try not to be a man of success, but rather a man of valor”. Even after experiencing numerous downfalls in his various business ventures, including the dissolution of his main limited liability company, that quote still kept him from giving up. And just because he has always lived his life by that quote, he has managed to reach the benchmark with his revolutionary eyewear brand, “Purpyle”.

The only thing we need to learn from the story of Michael Tolmach is that we should never let failure keep us from dreaming and trying. Rather, failures should be treated as an opportunity to do better by working on the areas that led to our failure before. Remember that failures only come to those who try.

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