Ray-Ban, Prada, Chanel and Quay: the best sunglasses of the season

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Choose a frame and color to suit your face. Credit: Quai

Protecting your eyes is essential; looking good while you are doing it is an added bonus. This season there are some great options for sunglasses. Here are our top picks:

Ray ban

Ray-Ban is a great option for cool, wearable, and great looking sunglasses. Their price tags hover around the $ 200 mark, and you’re guaranteed quality sunglasses that will last.

Raybans State Street model is part of the Wayfarer family; think bold angles and a lot of attitude. It has an elegant square shape and is made of acetate. It is a category 3 glass, which offers high protection against the sun’s rays. They are available in a range of colors, with classic, gradient or polar lenses. We love the Pink tortoiseshell frames with brown / blue gradient lens, $ 229.

Ray-Ban State Street, pink tortoiseshell frame with brown / blue gradient lenses

The Powderhorn model has a double nose bridge and a crisp top rim line. They have a sporty feel but are still cool; especially with colored light sensitive glasses which are available in a range of colors including orange and gray. It is a category 2 glass, which offers good protection against the sun’s rays. The light brown frames, with dark gray and gold photochromic mirror lenses, $ 245, will make you look super smooth.

Ray-Ban Powderhorn light brown frames, with dark gray and gold photochromic mirror lenses, $ 245

Opt for a seventies atmosphere with the Ray-Ban Nomad range. They have bold frames, wide arms and shout “no nonsense”. Category 2 lenses, they offer good protection against the sun’s rays and are available in a range of brilliant and striped colors. Our favorite is the Shiny Havana frame with dark blue lenses, $ 233.

Ray-Ban Nomad Shiny Havana frame with dark blue lenses, $ 233.



If you are willing to spend the cash then Chanel sunglasses are the way to go. Expensive, but pretty perfect, they are the ultimate way to finish off an outfit. These are all category 3 lenses, which offer high protection against the sun’s rays.

Chanel rectangle sunglasses, $ 680, are exactly that – rectangular with a gentle curve around the edges. They have a slightly translucent frame, the Chanel branding on the temples and are available in three colors; brown, gray and a black / gray pair with polarized lenses. They are super chic without being over the top.

Chanel rectangle sunglasses, $ 680

Those round sunglasses, $ 990, by Chanel, are actually almost hexagonal, but the slight curve on each of the edges makes it look more round. They are embellished with a chain link around the top and on the arms, and have a dark or black tortoiseshell frame. They scream fabulous.

Chanel rectangle sunglasses, $ 680

Go all out those perfectly round shades of Chanel. At $ 1,320, they don’t come cheap, but they are a serious statement. With a delicate chainmail all around the edge and across the bridge of the nose, they’re perfect for walking around town and being seen in.

Chanel round shades.  At $ 1320


If you are on a budget, Quay sunglasses are very trendy without a huge price tag. These are all category 3 lenses, which offer high protection against the sun’s rays.

The Jezabell inlay, $ 75, has a slim frame and fits a medium-sized face – but has a cool oversized look. It has adjustable nose pads for people with taller cheekbones and is available in a choice of blackout or reflective lenses. There are four frame options including Oatmeal, Black, and Titanium, but our pick is the rose with brown glasses.

Jezabell inlay from the dock, $ 75

The best selling Nightfall Frame, $ 75, bring some serious celebrity vibes. They are super easy to wear and while the frames are large, they don’t appear too big on your face. They have a stylish one-piece lens and a polarized lens option. They come in six colourways, including a blue lens option, but a black frame with smoked black lens is the pair they sell the most.

Quay Nightfall Frame, $ 75

If you’re petite and often get overshadowed by mounts, the High Key Mini, $ 75, is for you. They have an aviator shape, with flat lenses, but are reduced so as not to overwhelm the small features. They are available in 13 different frame and lens color combinations, including this one chic golden frame with brown lenses.

Mini high key, $ 75


Prada sunglasses make a serious statement. If you want to be noticed, don’t go over these.

This the contemporary geometric design, $ 472, is oversized, make sure you stand out from the crowd. They have dark gray gradient lenses, black frames and a silver branding on the sides. It is a Category 2 lens, which means that it offers good protection against the sun’s rays.

Prada 0PR 16WS, in a contemporary geometric design, $ 472.

Those Prada teardrop frames, $ 472, are in sleek black, with a white back and silver arms. They have gray gradient lenses and offer UPF (ultra violet) sun protection. Super cool statement specs to get you noticed.

Prada PR18US teardrop frames, $ 4

Raise the stakes with these cat-eye glasses from Prada, $ 373. They offer Category 2 lens protection, which means they provide good protection against the sun’s rays. They’re black and tortoiseshell with gray gradient lenses – a great way to finish off an outfit.

Prada Cat Eye Glasses 0PR 01VS $ 373

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