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Ray-Bans: perhaps the most recognizable sunglasses brand in the world. They are the quintessential symbol of cool eyewear, worn by all Air Force pilots – real and Tom Cruise – to iconic actors and musicians (read: Bob Dylan, James Dean). Today, they have continued to remain a tour de force in the sunglasses market, making premium quality frames and lenses that are sure to make your face look even nicer. Check out our top picks of their classic and modern takes here:

Originally developed for Air Force pilots who complained about glare on long flights, the Aviator was quickly co-opted by guys with soft mustaches and Erik Estrada.

Probably the most recognizable and imitated design in sunglasses history, the Wayfarer is not going anywhere. While they were available exclusively in black, you can now find them in just about any color, from bright red to turtle.

Introduced by Ray-Ban in the 1980s, the Clubmaster features a traditional front line and minimalist frame. If the Wayfarer is associated with the James Deans of the company, those would be the Don Drapers.

A modern take on a classic concept, the Lite Force style can typically be found towering over the slopes, lounging on the beach, or anywhere that mixes an active lifestyle with a little flair… like the Frisbee Golf Course too. .

Ray-Ban Kenny Powers sunglasses. These aero badasses will travel to Florida in August, play 36 holes with just three clubs, come out 11 under par, then ride a jet ski at sunset while Bon Jovi plays somewhere in the distance. Waaaaannnté. WAAAANNNTEEDD. Dead or alive…

Think, if BluBlocker met a super classy woman out of her league and it somehow worked because BluBlocker was a lovable, charming, and intelligent underachiever and this woman was a medical student stuck with a ton of dough that just needed to let go a bit, and they just filled these voids into each other… well, the offspring of that relationship would be the 5000 Cats. Don’t get caught staring at the sun too much. long time. Protect these voyeurs during our full sale, right here …

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