Ray-Ban Sunglasses by Hunter S. Thompson

You cannot be a writer in any capacity without, at least, respecting the work of Hunter S. Thompson. The great Gonzo showed us a different view of the world: skeptical, seedy, gloomy, and in a constant smoky haze. To faithfully reproduce Thompson’s style, one would have to be dressed in a visor and short shorts with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of ether in the other.

In order to minimize the damage we could inflict on our bodies, we decided that the best way to honor the late Mr. Duke would be to hunt down his sunglasses. Enter the: Kalichrome sniper aviators by Ray-Ban. Sleek, stylish, tinted, perfect for shooting a gun while smoking a cut regular cigarette.

These shooting frames were literally made for shooting. They sit high on the face and feature the Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C Yellow lens that outdoor enthusiasts and riders alike swear by. A circular hole between the lenses is used to hold cigarettes, freeing your hands for necessary hunting accessories like, oh, guns or fly swatches?

Of course, we all know Mr. Duke was a heavy artillery lover and smoke, which makes them perfect frames. They’re expensive and rare, but that’s why the internet invented Etsy.

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