Something Surprisingly Cool Happens When You Burn Glasses

YouTuber user carsandwater has amassed a huge fan base thanks to dropping hot nickel balls into things like an old-fashioned Nokia brickphone or Gak, the children’s favorite of the 90s. In his latest video, he melts a pair of Oakley glasses and a pair of reading glasses sent by a spectator. The results are not what you expected:

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The reason lenses go from burning to gushing in a sudden puddle of liquid is that many high-end eyewear manufactured today use polycarbonate for the lenses. Polycarbonate, in addition to being extremely easy to mold and shape, will turn into a free flowing liquid once it reaches 155 ° C (or 311 ° F). In this case, it means that the lens extinguishes its own flames as it quickly turns into liquid.

Source: cars and water

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