Sports Sunglasses: Hyper-saturated, athletic shades are everywhere right now

Iridescent enveloping shades used to conjure images of MLB pros, cyclists and fly fishers, the type of die-hard outdoor enthusiasts who can’t afford to have their vision hampered by the glare of the Sun. (They’re a favorite of backyard grillmasters and your cousin Brett for completely unrelated reasons.) But like other ’90s style mainstays — baggy jeans, leather blazers, thick-as-hell necklaces — sunglasses Sports-inspired high-octane suns are everywhere right now, infused with winking irony on the track and embraced by style-conscious Gen Zers on the street. (Not to mention Bad Bunny, in a cover for that same magazine.) Combine that with the fact that the line between high-tech outdoor gear and everyday gear only gets blurrier and you can probably see where this is going. In 2022, you no longer need to slather on black eyes or carry around a striped bass of Tinder-worthy proportions to pull off a pair — or fall hard for their appeal.

Of course, there are also many practical advantages to adopting sportier frames. They’re lightweight, less likely to fall out, and tend to complement a wide range of face shapes. We might not approve of showing up to, say, your next quarterly review in a tinted pair of Oakleys (nothing reads like an undercover field agent like a dark suit, white shirt, and screaming wraps) , but just about anywhere else that you would normally wear sunglasses is valid. Same as anything you normally wear them with: sawn jorts and a tank top, cuffed Dickies and a vintage t-shirt, pants and a floaty button-down. (Trust us: when your cousin Brett tricks you into fucking some fly balls before your uncle’s Labor Day BBQ, you’ll be glad you brought them.)

Not really feeling one of the options below? You can still take inspiration from Mets outfielder — and unlikely fashion plate — Mark Canha: Head straight for Prada and swing for the fences.

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