Sunglasses Trends 2020: the best styles for summer

And if you thought that it doesn’t take a lot of thought to buy such a small accessory, then we’re here to tell you that there are a lot more sunglasses than it looks ( play on words).

The right pair can not only flatter your face, shield your eyes from the harsh rays, and set the tone for your outfit, but it’s also a great way to have fun without straying too far from your comfort zone.

Here are the six styles of eyewear that we plan to be everywhere this season. Scroll down to find the only real pair that will be with you through the summer and beyond– if chosen wisely.


Airmen may have retired some time ago, but are back in full force this summer. We especially love the chunky-rimmed styles that bring to mind the 70s essence of this iconic shape.

vehla sunglasses

bottega veneta aviator sandals


sunglasses style rectangle

Arguably the biggest sunglasses trend this year has been the rectangular silhouette. In the perfect spot between oversized sunglasses and mini ’90s sunglasses, this is the shape that works with any outfit.

We like it all black MatrixStylish look that’s a Kendall Jenner favorite, but the colorful varieties are a great way to soften the look.


x ray reality glasses specs

shit sunglasses


Sun glasses

Let Bella Hadid make us want to wear that 2000s style again that we thought we retired a long time ago.

While they definitely fit into a bolder aesthetic, the shape is pretty flattering for everyone.

giant vintage sunglasses

the specs sunglasses

rimless oliver peoples sunglasses


Granny Sunnies Square Sunglasses

Just like sweater vests and oversized collars, square glasses are part of the growing collection of trends straight out of grandma’s closet.

This style works best when the glasses are a bit more translucent, making them a bit more chic than shabby.

celine sunglasses

chemi sunglasses

free sunglasses

Bold lenses

dua lipa sunglasses

And speaking of glasses, 2020 was the year of shiny tinted glasses. Shades can range from a stunning neon yellow to a more subdued red, but either way, they definitely pack a punch.

Poppy Lissiman Sunglasses

karen walker sunglasses

dock sunglasses

Arm details

imaan sunglasses

Perhaps this is thanks to the phenomenon of logomania which has picked up the hair of the beast in recent years, but another trend that we have picked up is the detail of the arms. Let your side eye make a statement with these styles.

versace sunglasses
Dior sunglasses

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