The best sunglasses for men to weather the looming heat wave

Just when you thought the national vibe had bottomed out, the British psyche is crumbling to a whole new, unknown depth. For there, among the pubs, gardens and rooftops, millions of people saw football come to Rome, not at home, in a rain that could only be described as biblical. Summer baby! Just no happiness, no sunburn, and some of the best sunglasses for men.

But since our 48 hours of mourning are now over, we have something to look forward to. The weather, mainly. Because this sad little island is about to cover itself with tropical sun. You can thank what is called the Azores High: not a rare variety of Portuguese superskunk, but a stream of great weather. This means you take off the jacket and put on sunglasses. And hoo boy, this season’s shades are some of the best we’ve seen.

Plus, they’re worth the investment. As they wear out a lot all summer, and on public holidays (holidays! Believe it ?!), the cost / wear ratio is indeed there. Plus, the extra expense often means extra protection: Sunglasses should always offer some level of UV protection.

Before you dive in and grab a pair of oversized Raoul Dukes, know that there are a few clauses involved. One: They’ve got to be right for you. Different shapes are suitable for different heads. And two: a certain degree of confidence is the key to success. Other than that, go ahead and jump on the inevitable scorching British with our pick of the best sunglasses for men. European weather always got the better of the euro blues anyway.

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