The best sunglasses for your face shape, according to an expert

One of the biggest shopping challenges for most people is buying a swimsuit that flatters their figure or choosing a pair of sunglasses that fit their face. There are endless aspects to consider in this category including style, color and budget. The most important first step, however, should be determining your face shape and which sunglasses are best for that face shape. Have you ever wondered why your friend’s trendy new frames look great on her, but when you try them on they don’t seem to fit well, or the other way around? The reason is that each face shape has sunglasses that complement it the best and no two faces are the same.

In order to better understand the variations in face shapes and to find out, once and for all, which sunglasses are best for them, TZR spoke with Dr. Lilan le, head of optometry at HEYWEAR, a New York optical studio. The says: “the four main faces that we usually organize people into are: round, oval, square or heart”. However, the shape is only a general guideline and those with facial features that are in between or blended just need to find glasses that suit either face shape. Additionally, within these four categories there are also specific features that can affect the shape of your face, such as a nasal bridge.

Asians, in particular, have always struggled to find sunglasses that fit their face, as some may have a lower nose bridge, a wider face, or both. To remedy this, some companies like Alternative cut from Le Specs collection and Sweet monster offer sunglasses and optical frames to address these issues. “Asians tend to have taller cheekbones, or their face is generally rounder and their nasal bridge tends to be lower,” says Le. “Anytime you see a pair of glasses that indicates an Asian fit, it means it is a lower nose bridge fit, so the actual bridge of the sunglasses can fit over the above the nose. Sometimes if you take the wrong frame that doesn’t exactly match an Asian face, it will hit your cheekbones, but the bridge won’t even hit your nose. Look for lenses that are angled slightly outward, so that they don’t touch your cheek like Gentle Monster’s In M01.

If you’re curious about what your face shape is and what type of frame would look best on you, continue reading below.

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Round face

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People with round faces may have difficulty finding sunglasses because their features are closer together. Le says, “For round faces, you want to add contrast to your wide face, so choose slightly angled frames such as square sunglasses, aviators, cat eye styles, or rectangular shapes.” Round faces also look great with oversized frames that have bold acetate or a nice brow bar that would add a bit of flair. Take the example of actress Gemma Chan and opt for a pair of bold and colorful oversized sunglasses.

Oval face

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“For oval faces, they usually fit almost any type of frame. Since you have a longer distance between the forehead and chin, you’re not as limited as those with round faces, so you can choose any style you want, ”says Le. She also adds that one of the only difficulties for people with oval faces would be finding sunglasses that match your skin tone.

If you have a warm complexion, you will have green or yellow undertones. For cool skin tones, you might have undertones of blue or pink. If you wear glasses that complement your skin tone, the color of the glasses will be improved. For those with warmer skin tones, look for frames in colors such as gold, brown, red, or peach. For those with cooler tones, look for frames in black, blue, or gray. Model Bella Hadid has an oval face and as you can see she is not afraid to try on a multitude of different sunglasses, from thin cat-eye glasses to retro rectangular ones.

Square shaped face

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“When people say ‘square face’ it’s not that they have a square face, but their jawline is a little more prominent with the hairline,” Le explains. “As the hairline is straighter at the top than curved, we would like to soften those angles and go for round, oval shaped sunglasses. [designs], cat eye sunglasses and aviators. This face shape is suitable even for oversized frames, as their face is usually wider. Priyanka Chopra has a square-shaped face and the actor tends to wear oval frames like his Le Specs Synthcat or his iconic black Manhattan Vida Fede glasses.

Heart Shaped Face

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“[For people with heart-shaped faces], their width from their eyes is usually wider than their jaw, so if you look at the forehead and go down to the jawline, it tends to be a bit sharper and smaller than an oval face, ”explains The. “You’ll want to mimic facial features by adding a bit of prominence to a pointy chin, so slightly pointed cat-eye sunglasses or aviators would work. ”

Additionally, there are different facial features in a heart shaped face that would affect the type of sunglasses you can wear. Some people may have a slightly stronger jawbone, where round sunglasses would then help soften the look. Additionally, glasses that have a strong eyebrow line would draw more attention to the person’s eyes compared to their distinctive jawline features. The general rule here is to to avoid of sunglasses that focus in the shape of a teardrop, as the overall appearance blends in with a heart-shaped face. Jennifer Aniston, who has a heart-shaped face, adores her aviators because they are a staple of her wardrobe. In the photo you can tell that although its frames are slightly pointed at the bottom, they are rounded and versatile for all seasons.

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