The Best Sunglasses to Wear Your Pride 10 Outfit

There’s no wrong way to celebrate Pride, whether it’s a low-key reunion with friends, acknowledging the season on your own, or going all out with big parties and parades. . But if you like the latter, there are a few keys to a successful Pride event marathon.

You need to know how to stay safe in crowds and how to react to potential encounters with anti-LGBTQ+ protesters (we’d rather laugh at them). Always drink plenty of water, wear comfortable shoes, and avoid drug and alcohol use. And get ready for lots (and we mean lots) of sunshine. That means the right sun protection, including the right sunglasses for Pride, is essential.

Dozens of companies offer sunglasses made specifically for Pride, with eco-friendly options, pairs that include donations to LGBTQ+ causes, and more. And if you’re heading to a rave or dance floor, you’ll also want fashionable eyewear. Below, we’ve picked five of our favorite pairs of sunglasses to wear throughout the Pride season and beyond. They include frames that signal your identity to the world through subtle rainbow hues; those that are designed to withstand even the most sweaty or humid days; and shades that just seem to have been beamed from a (hopefully more inclusive) future.

Goodr “Pride and Without Prejudice”

In many ways, Pride is like a sport: you’re usually outdoors, sweating for hours and dodging elbows and other obstacles as you make your way to the finish. You will need equipment that can withstand the toughest conditions; luckily for you, sports sunglasses company Goodr has got you covered. All of their shades are polarized, designed to minimize slipping or bouncing on your face, and affordable (most are $25 or $35). Their limited-edition “Pride and No Prejudice” sunglasses are covered in blue glitter (the ones that don’t fade) and sport a purple rainbow tint. Plus, you’ll be contributing to an important cause with your purchase, with all proceeds going to the LA LGBT Center. It’s a fun way to bring some color to your Pride outfit without breaking the bank.

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Pride “North Park X2” Blender Goggles

Fans of bold mirrored frames should look no further than this pair from Blenders Eyewear. With a continuous lens that extends across the bridge of the nose in a sunset rainbow color, they’re bright enough to catch the eye at a party or parade, and their subtle Pride style isn’t overzealous, even including a tiny “Love is Love.” engraved in the lower left corner of the frame. This company was founded by a surfer, which explains the sporty, happy vibes you’ll get from these frames – and with 100% of proceeds going to San Diego Pride, this is a beach-ready pair you can feel good. .

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Crap Eyewear “Supa Phreek” rainbow

If you like them big and chunky, look no further. The Supa Phreeks, from Los Angeles-based Crap Eyewear, will bring a funky 70s vibe to your look; Crafted with a layered rainbow acetate, these translucent frames were practically born to shine in the sun on a Pride parade. We love their unique shape, solid construction, and Crap’s commitment to sustainability (a carbon-neutral company, all Crap eyewear is made with plant-based, biodegradable acetate). Additionally, 15% of product sales are donated to the Center for Black Equity, a coalition of dozens of Black LGBTQ+ Pride organizations.

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Sun Buddies “Miuccia” sky blue

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Sun Buddies “Aaliyah” Silver/Dark Blue

This Swedish brand uses Italian acetate and Carl Zeiss lenses to make high-end eyewear, but we’re really here for the fun styles, which reference silhouettes made famous by pop culture titans like Ozzy Osbourne , E-40 and all the others. The result? Eye-catching frames that look both familiar and bold. Just take the Miuccia, named after Miuccia Prada, the head designer of her family’s famous fashion label; their rounded, face-hugging shape feels almost alien, albeit in the best possible way. The Aaliyahs feature smaller oval lenses that will give your face an ounce of the R&B legend’s effortless style. They’re mounts inspired by the past but seem imported from the future, and they’re ready to take on any dance floor you can throw at them.

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Soft Monster “Tidan” VC5

This South Korean luxury eyewear brand is a favorite here at Their; look closely and you’ll see them featured on activists and influencers in our stimulus package. With styles that seem straight out of a sci-fi fever dream, it’s no surprise. Nothing about this brand feels dated, and the Tidan VC5s are a perfect example: with a crystal purple acetate frame that bends the light to its will, they’re almost weird rave glasses, perfect for adventures that stretch overnight. night (and even back to day).

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