The best women’s sunglasses for spring 2022

The weather can be fickle – one day it can be rainy and the next day it can be very hot all day.

For days like this, be sure to grab a pair of sunglasses before heading out into the open world. This season we have selected the trendiest and most protective designer sunglasses for women.

Your senses are so precious and sensitive to the elements. While sunglasses add important (and sometimes much-needed) drama, when the lenses have UV blockers, they also provide protection for the eyes. The tint alone is insufficient to protect your eyes from cataracts and ocular melanoma. UV protection is absolutely necessary. Think of it as sunscreen for your eyes!

With that in mind, here are our picks of the season for the best sunglasses for women:

The classics

You can never go wrong with a pair of basic black sunglasses. Effortless and always on point, they complement any wardrobe choice – as seen here at the Dolce & Gabbana runway for their Spring 2022 ready-to-wear collection. Although frames take a back seat in this look, they casually underline this chic and cool atmosphere. Even the logo (which only appears when you’re in profile) takes on a more muted state, appearing entirely in black.

Likewise, this pair of Tory Burch sunglasses will also get you there, but with a more aquiline frame design that comes with classic gold accents. They are also the perfect option for those with smaller faces, as the frames approach the smaller end of the size spectrum.

The oversized

But if you’re a big believer in the philosophy of more is more, Longchamp’s Spring 2022 accessories include sunglasses that would take some serious space on the face. Covering from forehead to mid-cheek, these are the ones you need when you plan to make a statement. Tinted in a wash of green, these would make the best sunglasses for women to take to the beach or pool.

Perhaps a bolder version of oversized sunglasses can be found in Tom Ford’s spring range. Here, circular frames take center stage, transporting us back to the 60s. These huge frames are also a great option for the eyes, as they provide extra coverage, hence extra protection.

The colored hues

If there’s a time to experiment and play with different hues of anything, it’s spring. Mimicking a butterfly, this pair of Christian Dior sunglasses will add a fun touch to any look. Go tone-on-tone with coordinated makeup and outfit, and just like that, you’re Instagram-ready.

But if you’re really feeling a big spring energy, look to Givenchy and its pink eyeglasses, literally. While these might not be the best options for protecting your eyes from the sun, they do frame your peepers really well. Maybe you can throw a hat into the mix and call it even.

Serving up the full meal, the Versace pair will be the best of both worlds. Dipped in a unique multi-color hue, with dark purple lenses, they create the perfect balance of form and function. These will be the centerpiece of your outfit, so be prepared to plan accordingly.

The eccentric executives

These frames are not for the faint hearted. Sunglasses can have that dual effect of hiding you and showing you off, and it’s safe to say that those in this category will make you stand out in a crowd. First off, this Balmain pair features a gold-tone frame and lenses that cast clean lines across the face.

At Louis Vuitton, we are entering a territory where the line between sunglasses and headphones is blurred. Like a crown, these sunglasses are encrusted with jewels while the architecture of the frame hides the eyebrows. A big crowd pleaser, snag them for a girls trip or costume party to dazzle those around you.

Finally, Tom Ford sunglasses are not made to go unnoticed. “Simple in fit, but not in impact” is what Ford said of its spring collection, and we have to agree – these shades just might be the finishing touch to your wardrobe. spring dress.

Featured image credit: Longchamp

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