These Fluffy Balenciaga sunglasses should be the next “must-haves”

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Beauties, from time to time a new trend arrives in the fashion industry that first shocks us, then intrigues us, then becomes one of the biggest must-haves! This new item is the new fluffy Balenciaga sunglasses that have been making the rounds of some of our favorite fashion girls and now we have find out more.

According to Daily fashion bomb, the Fluffy Cat Sunglasses by Balenciaga are poised to become the next fall / winter fashion staple. Priced at $ 1,150, these fluffy cat eye sunglasses are available in red, black and white colors and feature acetate and faux fur around the rims and sides as well as the bold BB Balenciaga logo on the left model. Balenciaga’s website makes it clear that this product is intended only as a fashion accessory, rather than an optical tool, which means it is not suitable for viewing direct sunlight or strong artificial light. Basically this product is all about making you look like a real bad guy, and we’re here to kill him!

Check out the new fashion accessory below.

While this look has already been spotted on fashionistas like Bree track, some fashion girls are less than thrilled with the upcoming trend, taking to Instagram to comment that they won’t be adding this trend to their fall and winter wardrobes.

“It’s kids’ crafts for me,” commented one IG user while another said, “It screams DIY 😂😂.” But while there were a few who weren’t there for the new look, there were others who could see the fashion vision, commenting, “So expensive… but trendy! These are really all the rage indeed!

Beauties, would you splurge?

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