TikTok Beauty Tip: How to Stop Makeup Transferring onto Sunglasses

Back with another TikTok beauty hack, makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira is truly the opposite of a keeper when it comes to sharing the tricks of the trade. This time it was the TikTok community that asked for their help, wondering how you keep your makeup from transferring onto your sunglasses.

It’s a niche problem, we know, but it’s still pretty annoying when you end up with a makeup-free strip on your nose, thanks to your favorite pair of sunglasses, and it’s even worse when that start removing make-up from your cheeks as well.

Although a cure never crossed our minds, we resign ourselves to the fact that it was an ongoing problem for anyone who chooses to wear makeup and sunglasses at the same time – and an even worse problem for those in between us sweating a lot – but leave it up to Mikayla to figure it out.

So, rolling up our sleeves ready for another TikTok trial, we really wanted this one to work and were even more impressed to spot a few IndyBest favorites being used in the method as well.

Mikayla’s tricks haven’t let us down so far, but has this one impressed us as much as the Dior lipsticks, under-eye blush or faux tan sheet? Keep reading to find out.

How we tested

While not necessarily difficult, this essay was definitely more challenging than just swiping on some lipstick. After watching the video about three times, we started to understand and line up our products, ready to try, doing as Mikayla said step by step. Then we tested the end result by putting on our sunglasses for an entire day, to see how long the effects of the hack would last.

We used the exact products Mikayla suggested, as two of them were already IndyBest favorites, but you can substitute any similar product and get a similar result. We also opted for Quay green sunglasses in a style similar to Mikayla’s.

The method and the products used

Starting with a setting spray, the product of choice being our IndyBest best buy in the setting sprays roundup, the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Airbrush Setting Spray (£15, Cultbeauty.co.uk), we sprayed liberally on our make-up and let it air dry. If you want to be a little more sophisticated or are short on time, use a portable fan, like Mikayla does, to speed up the process.

While this is a great first step to keep any makeup from sliding and sliding down your face, even on the hottest days – you can leave it at that and expect to see less transfer – there are two additional steps to take , to really prevent any movement.

The next step in Mikayla’s tutorial is to take Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Eye Primer (£21, Feelunique.com) and glide it onto the noseband. Which certainly sounds weird, and we wish we had washed our sunglasses before adding something that we regularly swipe on our face on the plastic that sits at the bottom of beach bags, car doors, and various coffee tables. restaurant – so be sure to give it a bit of a wipe if that makes your stomach turn too. If you don’t have that exact primer, any non-pigmented alternative will work just as well, but we recommend this one because the face version was named the best for dehydrated skin in our best primer roundup.

Finally, take a translucent powder, in this case Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder (was £22.50, now £16.88, Lookfantastic.com), pat it gently over the primer and set with the fixing spray.

(The Independent)

The result

Unsurprisingly, it worked like a dream, leaving our makeup intact all day, with no sign of our sunglasses marking our face once they came off. However, it’s not a super fast hack – it takes about five minutes to complete, considering all the drying time.

Although we already knew we weren’t as nimble as Mikayla when it came to amazing makeup looks, we applied the powder to the lenses, as well as the setting spray, but it came off with a quick wipe. Despite being translucent, we were left with a slightly beige residue, although that didn’t faze us.

For anyone with fuller cheeks that also touch the edges of the sunglasses, it may be helpful to continue this layering technique on the bottom of the sunglasses, to stop any movement of the areas that touch the skin.

The Verdict: Hacking Mikayla Nogueira’s Sunglasses

When we have time, we’ll definitely do it again, maybe before a wedding, garden party or picnic. But, when we’re rushing out the door, late for work, we’re probably not going to layer the products on top of our sunglasses and wave them around to dry on the tube.

As a hack, it’s hard to blame. It takes a bit of concentration but it’s easy enough to follow, and if you already have the products at home – or very similar products – it seems a bit obvious to give it a try.

We’ll definitely be cleaning our sunglasses more regularly after that, because while we’re going to share the makeup we put on our face with the plastic frames, they need to be as clean as our skin to avoid rashes as well. But, overall, it was quite a success, and we will continue to follow Mikayla’s advice wholeheartedly.

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