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80s bestselling sunglasses brand Revo continues his tour of reinvention, and this time in partnership with the most famous skier in the world.

Founded in 1985, Revo launched a craze with its mirrored lenses, derived from the same technology that NASA used for sun protection on satellites. Eyewear has become synonymous with active lifestyles and pioneers in their field, appearing on soccer stars as well as astronauts. By the time Revo introduced the first polycarbonate ski goggles in 1996, the brand established itself as a leader in stylish, high performance eyewear.

Reintroducing a brand to a new generation, however, takes work and the right celebrity face. Enter Bode Miller, one of the world’s most decorated skiers and a pioneer of athlete-fashion collaboration. From his early days of ski racing, Miller worked directly with his sponsors to fine tune skis to maintain his advantage, which eventually led to the rise of parabolic skis (curved-edged, as opposed to straight-edged skis. ) in downhill races.

The high-tech Alpine sunglasses from Bode Miller’s collaboration with Revo ($ 379) are available in three different colors.


“Whenever I look for potential partners, I look for brands that share like ideas and have similar philosophies,” Miller tells us. Beyond Revo’s commitment to crystal-clear lenses and lightweight frames, he appreciates the more practical aspects of the brand. “I can’t stand sunglasses that slip off your nose, if they don’t have these good things sticking to your nose,” Miller said. “I’m wearing a hat, and if you put your sunglasses on your hat and bend over they fall off, it upsets me.” The quality of the tint is also important. It can’t make everything cloudy. The right shade should make everything you see stand out.

The collaboration between Miller and Revo began a year ago with the introduction of two limited edition ski goggles. Now the duo have continued their partnership with the release of of them pairs in its Black collection, a particularly high-performance eyewear range with carbon fiber details, featherweight construction and durable titanium frames.

“Bode embodies everything in Revo’s DNA,” says Cliff Robinson, CEO of the brand. “We’re all about the best technology, the best optics, the best experience. It needs the best equipment in its class.

This iteration of Miller's Freestyle shades features evergreen photochromic lenses secured with carbon fiber ($ 379).

This iteration of Miller’s Freestyle shades features evergreen photochromic lenses secured with carbon fiber ($ 379).


The two frames Miller worked on were inspired by the demands of high performance ski racing – “things that can move quickly and handle a lot of stress,” says Robinson. Both styles feature carbon fiber frames and bridge details, along with mirrored polarized photochromic lenses that adjust as you go from a bright to a dark environment. “Previously, you could get photochromic lenses, or you could mirror yourself, or you could be polarized,” Robinson said. “We have combined these three buckets into one goal.”

The result is a lightweight and powerful pair of sunglasses that are suitable for adventurous activities like mountain biking and trail running as well as more everyday activities like driving or playing with the kids outdoors. “As we say in our office,” says Robinson, “if these lenses are good enough for Bode, they are good enough for us. “

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